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A little about the Sauce

Special Sauce are five seasoned musicians and friends.  Each playing in successful musical projects over the years, they've developed an incredible catalog of Rock, Soul, Blues and Fun. It becomes apparent that they have the goods, once they take the stage.

Tight grooves executed by professional musicianship, and well-crafted arrangements of original music and covers make for a fun show. Always engaging and looking to have some fun, The Special Sauce Band has arrived!

Special Sauce has just the right ingredients for great music, A recipe handed down through years of experience and reliability!


Doug Varady - Guitar and Vocals

"I had been playing sax since age 10, and when my brother gave me Johnny Winter's Progressive Blues Experiment to listen to. About 30 seconds into the first song (Rolling and Tumbling), I jumped up and asked my mother to  get me a guitar. In 1964 my sax cost $364.00 needless to say My mom was a little more than upset. She told me to save my $ and buy one myself so I did. It was a Kimberly acoustic guitar $5.00 it took me 6 months to raise the cheese!!!!"


Rob Cosentino - Drums & Vocals

“Drumming and music have been such tremendous sources of joy in my life, and I feel truly blessed to have the ability to play. I have always been particularly captivated by the music of the 40s-70s and the unique musicians associated with those era's who played with a degree of soul and groove that is so hard to find in music today. Performing with guys who appreciate the same music and share a mutual dedication to playing it is an absolute pleasure, and with these guys i have it.”


Gary Broderson - Keyboards & Vocals

“I have been all in on music since the age of 7!  I played with a wide array of amazing bands.  My biggest influences include Jimmy Smith, Oscar Peterson, and Dr John. Music is magical! I love the rhythm and the interaction with the band and the audience!"


Kenny Willams - Bass

"I started playing guitar at age 12 (I still do) and  switched to the bass when I was 18 because no one else I knew played it.  I found that it fit me well and it became my passion. And once I'm on stage, I transform and just have a great time getting the groove."


Paul "The Deacon" Toscano - Harmonica & Vocals

"Music grabbed hold of me at an early age. Nothing was out of bounds. It's the beat, the groove, the group of folks putting it together that excites. Once you're on that stage, you transform."


Five guys - One Mission

Give the people what they want. Tight grooves, fun, hard driving songs that go for the throat and don't ever let you go. Wear them out and leave them asking  for more. We work to deliver  that kind of energy every time we take the stage.


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The Hudson Valley Blues Society

The Hudson Valley Blues Society’s mission is to preserve and promote the past, present and future of Blues music. 


The Blues Hall of Fame


The Blues Foundation

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